Jared Leto investor in new airline Surf Air

Surfair.com - More Excitement From LA’s ‘Silicon Beach’

'Saving the California Dream' series producer chats with Wade Eyerly, the CEO & founder of SurfAir.com, a Silicon Beach tech upstart with a singular goal of revolutionizing in-state travel.

Surfair.com, backed by venture capitalists and such celebrity investors as Jared Leto, aims to offer membership at a thousand bucks a month for unlimited flights on private planes from Northern California to Southern California.

FOX 11 News and Studio 11 L.A. special: “Saving the California Dream”… a comprehensive look at the state of our state with series producer Heidi Cuda.


Surf Air is a private airline that will launch this summer. To summarize, it offers first-class luxury in executive aircrafts. They fly the Pilatus PC-12, a 8-passenger aircraft with comfortable leather seats and plenty of space to work and relax. Members do not go through the hassle, lines, congestion and flight delays you find at public airports. Unlike booking private jets (that require booking well in advance) you can book your flight just minutes before departure. Members can also invite guests to fly with them for free.
$1000/month covers unlimited flights (up to 6 reservations at a time. Once you fly one of your reservations, your reservation list is instantly refreshed, allowing you to book your next flight).

The service will be available in the California cities of Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Monterey and Palo Alto.

Los Angeles:

  • Non-stop to Palo Alto (~80 minutes) and Santa Barbara (~30 minutes).
  • To Monterey with brief stopovers in Palo Alto (~120 minutes).

Surf Air plans on expanding the service to areas such as Las Vegas, Palm Springs, San Diego, Sacramento, Lake Tahoe, Eastern corridor, Pacific Northwest, Texas, Florida and even international destinations in the future.

—- Jared is mentioned in the video above at 2:31 —-


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